Outdoors With Jonny P LLC
P.O. Box 452
Waskish, MN 56685

Jonny’s 5 simple boat rules

1) NO Pets! Period!
2) NO spray sunblock or machine a sous iron man 2.
3) NO dirty work boots or aggressive tread. Non marking shoes/or sandals are best. 
4) NO booze/beer on the boat. 
5) NO bending, pushing, testing, teasing or breaking game laws.
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Frequently asked questions 

What do I need for an open water fishing trip?

  • A valid Minnesota fishing license
  • Rain Gear, the spare rain gear onboard never fits and takes ugly to a new level.
  • Snacks and drinks (no cans of soda please, bottles only)
  • Any emergency medication including insect sting kits
  • DO NOT wear heavy lugged or marking sole shoes/boots
  • Polarized sunglasses for sight fishing (also for safety when pike fishing)
  • A cooler to transport your fillets home in(empty lunch cooler)
  • You may bring your favorite rod or tackle if you wish although space is limited so some big tackle boxes will be left on shore.
  • NO PETS! No exceptions!
  • A great attitude
  • A good cranking arm, you will need it.

What about cleaning fish and fillets? 

When fishing Red Lake I will clean and package your  fish for you or have a licensed meat packer clean them at Westwinds Resort. You can also have Weswtwinds Resort prepare a meal for you from your freshly caught walleye!  Often times I can be talked out of my daily limit of walleye for the dinner effort and you can keep your fillets for later. 

Other smaller lakes I will tailgate clean your fish.(fillets and rinsed with jug water) Are you into playing games? Go to the best casino uk. There is the best offer for you!

I do ask that we practice catch and release when catching:
  • Pike
  • Musky
  • Large and Smallmouth Bass
  • Majority of the panfish (keep enough for a meal and release the rest for the future)
  • Sturgeon(catch release only)
  • Wild trout

Fly Fisherman

Plan on a mix of deck casting from the Alaskan and wading while stripping streamers in calm warm water. Waist worn tending baskets are a huge plus in the boat and if we have a touch of surf going on while wading. Bring your waders or wet pants with! Often times conditions will allow us to get out of the boat and work the flowages into the heavy reeds in knee to waist deep water. 

Good flies to bring for pike/musky are streamers, deceivers, leeches, pike bunnies, poppers, wooly boogers, Dahlberg divers and of course frog/mice imitations. All flies should be super sized and wild colors work wonders for pike on Red Lake.  Clousers and a few of the deeper fly have produced some dandy walleye on the fly also…yes I said walleye on the fly.  

For bass go with the same collection as pike only smaller colored in more natural patterns along with a handful of crayfish imitators.